Adoption Services

Our Services:

Home Study Services: Our team of experienced professionals conducts comprehensive home studies, ensuring that every home is safe, welcoming, and ready to nurture.

Child Matching & Placement: Utilizing a holistic approach, we match children with families based on a myriad of factors, ensuring lasting bonds and joyful connections.

Post-Adoption Support: Adoption is a lifelong journey. Hanna’s House offers continued support, counseling, and resources for adoptive families, ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible.

Adoption Education & Training: We provide prospective parents with all the tools they need to navigate the adoption process, from workshops to one-on-one sessions.

Why Choose Hanna's House in Los Angeles?

Local Expertise: With years of experience in LA, we understand the unique needs of our community. We have a deep-rooted connection to the local neighborhoods and resources, ensuring optimal support throughout your adoption journey.

Personalized Approach: Every child and family is unique. We take the time to understand your story, tailoring our services to your individual needs and aspirations.

Commitment to Excellence: Our staff undergoes rigorous training, and we uphold the highest standards in all our practices. Your trust is paramount to us.

Community Connections: With partnerships across various local establishments and welfare organizations, we ensure that our families and children have access to a vast array of resources and support.

A Journey of Love and Growth

Whether you’re a birth parent considering adoption for your child or a family eager to provide a loving home, Hanna's House is here to guide you. As a beacon in the Los Angeles community, we have been instrumental in crafting countless stories of love, unity, and happiness.

Adopt your dream, nurture a future.

Connect with Hanna's House today and take the first step toward building or expanding your family. Let us help you navigate this incredible journey.