Foster Care

Hanna's House believes in the power of family and the strength of community. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing haven for children in need. We strive to provide our foster parents with the resources they need to create a loving and supportive environment for the children we serve. Join us in making a difference today!

Join us in making a difference today!

Unmatched Support

Becoming a foster parent is a transformative journey that changes lives. When you join Hanna's House, you're not just helping a child – you're setting the stage for a brighter future for all of us. And you will not walk this path alone; Hanna’s provides continuous support every step of the way.

We provide a comprehensive support system for our foster parents. From expert-led training to in - house services, our robust network ensures you have all the resources you need to provide the best possible care.

Our support extends beyond just training; we offer an array of essential services to ensure our foster parents are fully equipped for success. This includes financial and medical assistance, round-the-clock support, and a streamlined foster care placement process. We also provide specialized parent training, comprehensive tutorial services, and interactive Independent Living Program (ILP) workshops.

Furthermore, our services encompass college and career planning, personalized counseling, targeted academic intervention, and access to a wealth of community resources. All these elements come together to create an environment where you can thrive as a foster parent and provide unparalleled care.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Getting Started

Joining Hanna's House is a simple, clear process.


Attend an Orientation

Start your journey with our enlightening orientation and discover how you can transform a child's life through foster care and adoption.


Submit Application

Take the first big step – submit your application and begin the comprehensive process to ensure a safe, loving environment for our children.


Complete Certification

Finalize your commitment by completing our certification process, which includes a thorough home inspection and study, paving the way to your new family chapter.

There's a pressing need for foster parents who can provide short-term emergency placements and foster older children and sibling sets. If you're ready to make a difference, Hanna's House is ready to welcome you to Hanna's family.

We'll guide you every step of the way, from orientation to certification. Hanna’s will be there to support you when you welcome a child into your home.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we appreciate monetary donations that directly support our programs and the children in our care. Your tax-deductible contributions can also be in the form of goods or professional services that can benefit the children or assist foster families.

For those participating in our Transitional Foster Care (TFC) program, which serves Unaccompanied Children (UCs) from the border, we offer competitive compensation. This assistance helps cover the costs associated with the child’s care during their transitional period, which typically lasts no more than 4 months.

The TFC program offers a temporary home for UCs who have recently crossed the border. During their stay, which generally lasts around 30 days, we provide the children with education five days a week, access to medical treatment, legal services, and cultural programs to help them adjust and prepare for placement with a sponsor family in the United States.

Yes, donations to our 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible. We provide receipts for all donations, which can be used for tax purposes.

No, foster parents are not required to speak the native language of the children in the TFC program. We provide translation services and translators to facilitate communication when necessary.

Absolutely. Donors can designate their funds to specific aspects of our programs, such as educational resources, medical care, legal services, or cultural enrichment activities for the children.

The TFC program is specifically for UCs needing short-term care after entering the U.S. Foster parents in this program receive training to meet the unique needs of these children. Unlike traditional fostering, the placement is temporary, generally lasting only up to 4 months until a sponsor family is found.

Prospective foster or adoptive parents must be over 21, pass a background check, complete pre-service training, and have a home that passes a safety inspection. The home inspection ensures that the living environment is safe and suitable for children.

We provide comprehensive training that covers topics such as child development, trauma-informed care, cultural competency, and the specific needs of children in the TFC program.

We welcome partnerships with businesses and organizations through financial contributions, in-kind donations, or services. While direct volunteering with TFC children is not possible due to privacy concerns, there are many other ways to support our mission, such as sponsoring events or engaging in fundraising efforts.

Did you know?

Hanna's House is a leading foster care gency in southern California known for offering some of the most generous financial compensation to foster parents.