Transitional Foster Care

Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children in Southern California

Every child deserves the warmth of a family and the promise of a secure future. Yet, unaccompanied children, brave young souls under the age of 18, often journey to the U.S. fleeing situations of violence, abuse, or abandonment. These resilient children from all over the globe harbor hopes of reuniting with family and finding safety.

We extend our hearts and hands to these children, offering them the embrace of loving foster families right here in Southern California, while we work on reuniting them with their biological families or U.S. Sponsors.

Dreams Nurtured, Futures Secured.

What We Offer at Hanna’s House TFC for Unaccompanied Children:

Schooling & Education: Beyond safety and care, we recognize the importance of education. Our dedicated on-site certified teachers work tirelessly to provide these children with English lessons, acculturation, and preparation for transitioning into the public school system.

Foster Family Recruitment: While the ability to speak Spanish isn’t a prerequisite, love and commitment are. Our bilingual staff stands ready to assist with communication, ensuring every child feels understood and cherished. We’re actively seeking compassionate families in the Los Angeles area to provide these children with homes filled with warmth and understanding.

Licensing & Training: Hanna’s House ensures every foster family goes through a thorough licensing process that aligns with California standards. From training to ongoing support, we walk beside our families every step of the way, ensuring they’re equipped to offer a nurturing environment.

Legal & Reunification Support: Post reunification, our dedicated team assists with the necessary immigration hearings, guiding these children through the steps crucial for their future in the U.S.

Every Child's Hope, Our Mission.

With Hanna’s House, we envision a world where borders don’t define destinies, and every child finds a home that understands, nurtures, and supports. The stories of their past might be filled with challenges, but together, we can script a future resplendent with hope.

Open your home, open your heart. Join Hanna’s House in crafting tales of hope, one child at a time.