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Located in the dynamic region of Orange County, Hanna’s House stands as a pillar of support and care in the foster care community. Our commitment to nurturing and impactful foster care services reaches across the diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of Orange County, from the coastal beauty of Huntington Beach to the historic charm of Santa Ana.

Why Hanna’s House?

Deep Local Connections: Our presence in Orange County allows us to serve a wide array of communities with understanding and empathy. We recognize the distinct needs and strengths of each area, allowing us to provide care that resonates with and supports our local families.

Welcoming and Accessible: Conveniently located and easy to reach across Orange County, our office is a hub of warmth and assistance for both current and aspiring foster parents. Our team of skilled professionals is always ready to offer guidance and support throughout your foster care journey.

Dedication to Quality Care: At Hanna’s House, excellence in foster care is our standard. Through comprehensive training and unwavering support, we ensure our foster families are equipped to offer safe, loving, and nurturing homes to children in need.

Our Services in Orange County:

Foster Care and Adoption Services: We specialize in connecting kind-hearted individuals and families in Orange County with children who need care and love, offering options for both foster care and adoption.

Support and Training: Our extensive training programs and continuous support system are designed to empower our foster families, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to provide stable and loving environments.

Community Engagement: We are deeply involved in the Orange County community, participating in local events, educational initiatives, and collaborations to raise awareness and support for foster care needs.

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